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I am in love with Hinata

No, seriously.

The very first character to captivate me in Naruto was Hinata - right from the very start. I can't seem to get enough of her! I'm glad there's a community right here in LJ dedicated to her.

Eh... I don't know if you guys are up to fan fiction, but I'm an junkie. Honestly, Hinata's been paired up with nearly every straight good guy in the manga! Some of the most unusual pairings I've seen are (besides Kakashi x Hinata) are Tobi x Hinata and Sai x Hinata. It's amazing how some authors manipulate her character into submitting to just about anybody (almost like a little whore). Now we all know Hinata is strong, isn't she?

I'd like to hear your opinions ^-^ If no one responds, I'll be heartbroken. *twiddles thumbs*
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Clash of Ninja 2 and more team 7 episodes?

So I got to play Clash of Ninja 2, and I have to say it's pretty decent, but I still like Ultimate Ninja better. It does feature Hinata, and in fact has a few more characters, though I can't really remember them, cause that was a while ago....

And in my casual browsing, I read of more team 7 episodes (it IS team 7 right?), so has anybody seen them? Was I imagining things? Are they worth a watch?

I'm sooo behind *sobs* I wish my internet access didn't become almost nonexistent like this. Oh well, I'll catch up someday. *sigh*

Naruto uncut box set 1

I got to watch my box set, and I loved it. I definitely recommend buying it if you don't mind a pretty much total lack of Hinata goodness. She appears in the beginning.

The complete lack of resolution is kind of annoying too, but other than that, it's a must! Believe it! hehe. *ducks*

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja

Speaking as a fan, this game totally rocks. I bought it because Hinata is a fighting character, which I was soo happy about. Woo! I got to whoop Neji, and Gaara, and various other people that Hinata really needs to whop (like Sakura, hehe). I highly recommend at least playing it.

I've also picked up the uncut first season of Naruto. Haven't watched it yet, so no official verdict, but I was quite happy that it's bilingual...speaking as one of the few Naruto fans that likes the dub. *ducks*
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Hello everyone! ^^ I posted a Bleach/Naruto fanfic over at and I thought I'd share it.


The pairing might make you go "LOL" but I kinda like the sound of it. Or maybe I'm just... whacked? xD If you read it please don't forget to drop me a review! ^^ Thank you!
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Hina-chan is ADORABLE! *^_^*

Yo everyone! Troa here, but you can call me Chouji, or Tanner, if ya like! I'm new to the community, new to LJ, I'm just plain new. Just thought I'd post and say that Hinata-chan is the most adorible thing on God's green earth. I just wanna hug her and then push her and Naruto together and bap Naruto until he finally gets it that Hina has the hots for him. ^_^ or he could have Sakura and I could date Hinata! ...I'd just have to wait a few years for her to be 18. Hahaha!
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I FINALLY got to see the team 8 filler episodes, and Hinata is soooooo cute! They really rock. And Shino ends up starting to be pretty cool.

I still dislike her dad, though. He's a jerk, but Neji seems to be coming around some.

Going to a con later, if I find pictures of my Hinata cosplay I'll post links here.

Please post stuff!!

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Thanks for posting Hinata love! ^^ I really wish I could be on more, but unfortunately I can't. So I really appreciate the other members stepping up, you guys rock!

yeah...thanks. ^^